Two movements for solo bassoon and string orchestra (minimum 9-9-6-4-4) (12:00)
Commissioned by Eileen Gress and the North Carolina Symphony
Published by TrevCo Music


Three continuous movements for solo euphonium and orchestra 3-2-3-2/3-3-3-1/timp,perc(3)/piano/strings (30:00)
Commissioned by the Tubists' Universal Brotherhood Association
Separate version for symphonic band accompaniment.
Published by ITEA Press

Divided into three sections -- "Legend," "Burlesca" and "Meditation" -- it is music easy to grasp at first hearing.
                                                          Alwin Tonkonogy,Raleigh News & Observer

Stylistically, Jan Bach's work is like a Christmas salad. Brass and percussion go hand in hand also in this case, and the number of different percussion instruments used by the composer is quite remarkable. The middle movement, "Burlesca," held in it all sorts of stuff. In the third -- "Meditation" --movement, the orchestra got more attention. This beautiful and dreamlike music would be worthy of being performed even alone.

                                                                                Pia Kaitasuo, Kaleva (Finland)

Solo harp/1-1-1-1/2-1/timp,perc(2),strings (25:00)
Commissioned by Diane Evans and the Indianapolis Symphony
and supported with funding from the Illinois Arts Council.
Published by Meadow Music

A beguiling, 25-minute piece in which the solo instrument gets plenty of display and a smallish orchestra characterized by a large battery of percussion is put through a multitude of paces. The orchestra is ever-ready to react to rhythms and melodic fragments first stated by the harp.
                                                                                  Jay Harvey, Indianapolis Star