Incidental music for the Shakespeare play:
string quartet, woodwind quintet, harp,
chamber organ, one percussionist (80:00)
Published by
Meadow Music
Jan Bach's eighty minutes of subtle, original music avoids the melodramatic themes of Zeffirelli's film. The music features Renaissance harmonies with nineteenth-century orchestration.
                           Janet Ruth Heller, The Shakespeare Bulletin
Libretto by the composer after a tale by Edgar Allan Poe
Pit Orchestra: 4-2-3-2/3-3-3-1/perc(2)/keyboards(1)/harp/strings
Onstage Band: soprano sax/accordion/bass trombone (60:00)

Winner, 1974 Mannes College Opera Competition

Mr. Bach's cleverly eclectic, punning music showed a sure instinct for musical theater.
                                                                            Peter G. Davis, New York Times
Amusingly grotesque characterizations, each individually and effectively colored by composer Bach's variable palette of musical styles .
                                                                       Jack Heimenz, Musical America
Libretto by the composer after an intermezzo by Cervantes
ww quintet/string quintet/guitar/harp/percussion (1 or 2) (60:00)

Winner, 1980 New York City Opera Competition
Published by
Galaxy-Highgate Music
The night's third and last gamble paid off. Mr. Bach's aims were modest, but he achieved them.  
                                                                             Donal Henahan, New York Times
The work of a fine musical craftsman.
                                                                       Gregory Sandow, The Village Voice
His music for sheer vigor and inventiveness rivals some of the finest ensemble writing of Strauss and Britten..
                                                                         Harriett Johnson, New York Post
Bach . . . had written only one opera before but he clearly knows what he is doing.
                                                                                Gerald Clarke, Time Magazine

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